CRM Database Tool

Drive your sales fast and accelerate sales cycles with our CRM database tool.

Our CRM Database Tool is engineered to contain massive lists of sales-ready business contacts that will stratify sales and marketing campaigns. It is programmed to communicate with our database so that your contacts is up to date. Manage your sales campaign with ease together with your own sales team. Monitor time-bounded results and statistics and formulate new specifications for new prospects. Turn on/off triggers in lead management to target specific business prospects.

Lead Tracking

Our CRM tool lets you closely keep track of leads throughout your campaign. It enables you to accurately gauge prospects based on how well they align with your target parameters. Set up triggers and pre-defined action for each every leads you contact and move them to the next point of sales journey. Increase engagement via mobile, website, social media, phone verification and email. Maintain an ideal lead environment that cultivates your leads and translates into promising results.

Lead Management

Our CRM database tool helps you effectively manage and oversee your marketing campaign. It lets you make smarter marketing and sales decisions with a host of analytics and reporting capabilities. The platform allows you to monitor the progress of your project in real-time through an easy-to-navigate dashboard interface as well as flexible report generation features.

Campaign Management

Monitor campaign with your sales and marketing manager. Edit call list base on location and last interaction to improve sales campaign. See notes from your marketing team, open emails and replies. View weekly reports for lead’s status and make recommendation to increase success rate. Track statistics for every mailing – Delivered, Opens, and Replies. Download your custom reports in CSV format. Access updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks and notifications across mobile browsers.

Managed Marketing Automation

Axcelerar adopts a balanced approach when it comes to marketing automation. We find the optimal mix between human interface and machine precision, and use this to guide us when formulating specific marketing strategies.
This is a proven approach that we follow and modify with each campaign we execute. Keeping the power of human interaction in the loop and leveraging automation where it is most effective are cornerstones of the Axcelerar approach.
At Axcelerar, we don’t just leave marketing campaigns on autopilot, we see to it that people are a part of the process, too.


Many B2B marketers will just focus on bombarding their prospects with different strategy and recreational content to which in sometimes don’t have their focus on.  This can sometimes waste the marketing efforts, ROI and energy by which it does not deliver quality results. With our marketing automation technology, you can guarantee that you got the right message delivered to the right person.