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Why Detailed Reporting in Marketing is Important?

Detailed reporting in marketing will enable you to know which campaigns are performing — and which are not. The data at your fingertips decide which programs to pull the plug on, and which deserve more of your time and money. With detailed reporting on your sales funnel, you’ll always know where your prospects are in […]

The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

Remember when B2B marketing is all but a sort of tips and tricks from any resources and experience. Well, in Axcelerar, we have come up for a concise and better list of rules when it comes to B2B marketing for everyone to browse and feel free to accommodate the information. These ten marketing commandments will […]

Cold Calling Mistake 101: Opening Statements That Create Resistance

  During the call, all you have is ten seconds to grab a prospect’s attention and utter something that will cause them to think, “OK, this sounds like it might be worth listening to.” The cold calling mistake is that most telemarketers say things that create resistance almost instantly. Over our past years of studying […]

Why Should You Brief Your Telemarketers Before and After Campaigns

All too often, telemarketing is referred to as ‘Cold Calling’ and callers are perceived as fast talkers that can sell ice to an Eskimo. The reality is that good quality telemarketing is much more than that. Telemarketers need to understand the company’s products and services and the genuine customer benefits as opposed to a list […]

10 Characteristics for Content Marketer to Master [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard of a “growth hacker” in past –someone who uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to help their products or services gain exposure for lead generation, sales campaign, lead nurturing and increase sales drive. The methods behind growth hacking are a little bit scrappy, and they’re totally focused on end results in […]

B2B Marketing: B2C Marketing Tactics That Drives Your Sales Fast

As B2B marketers, it’s not easy to create memorable brands with sometimes less-than-memorable products. Moreover, we must balance this goal with the constant need to fuel sales reps with high-quality leads. These competing priorities can be hard to manage for any marketing executive. However, by appropriating some B2C marketing techniques, we can more efficiently accomplish […]