Founded in the early 2000s, Axcelerar is an industry-leading provider of digital B2B marketing services, prospecting technology, and data-related solutions. Our company was built with passion and talent for supporting startup businesses across different B2B verticals. We fulfill our clients’ marketing and sales needs by providing a full suite of people, platform, and process that helps them generate measurable sales results much faster than traditional marketing.

At Axcelerar, our leadership represents a broad spectrum of marketing experience brought together by expertise in technology-enabled and data-driven marketing. The company was built out of the clear need to refocus B2B marketing toward a more buyer-led marketing process, combining human interaction and marketing automation in multi-channel, multi-touch strategies.

This commitment has helped us boost and accelerate each client’s sales performance to a significant degree and on a consistent basis. Accordingly, this approach now forms the core of the services we offer.


Axcelerar’s vision is deeply rooted in the idea that the right balance between personal touch and machine precision, when used in support of targeted live conversations with the right decision-makers, can accelerate and shorten even the most complex B2B sales process. In other words, we believe in using technology to enable marketing people to do their jobs better and produce improved results.


Axcelerar gives you a team of highly-trained professional telemarketing agents with thorough domain expertise in complex-sale B2B solutions, robust call handling skills, and strong business acumen. We also provide you with specialists that focus on fulfilling different roles in the modern B2B marketing process:

    • ISR or Inside Sales Representative – The Axcelerar ISRs communicate with target prospects through phone conversations carried out through strategic outbound calls.
    • Account Manager – The account manager oversees your entire Axcelerar campaign team, monitors the whole project, and serves as your point-of-contact.
    • Database Specialist – The database specialist translates the client’s target prospect profile into a working campaign list and is also responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of data generated throughout the campaign.
    • QA or Quality Analyst – The Axcelerar QA analyst evaluates completed touch points to determine how well prospects fit the client-specified qualification parameters.
    • Email Marketer –sends follow up emails for appointment setting and close-sale interaction. Continuously blasts emails for campaign ads for targeted prospects
    • Social Media Marketers – Axcelerar social media marketers reinforce the touch points established in the other channels. This is typically accomplished through building and cultivating connections with prospects on a number of social media platforms.
    • Campaign Creatives – Axcelerar provides campaign creatives who turn your marketing message into compelling content to be used in the different channels that make up the project.


Axcelerar follows a streamlined process for planning, executing, and wrapping up lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. This process has been refined and optimized based on Axcelerar’s decade-long experience running B2B marketing projects for a wide array of complex-sale solutions. Our process can be summarized as follows:

      1. Solution Analysis – Axcelerar reps sit down with you to discuss campaign specifics and help you define and refine your target parameters.
      2. CRM Setup – After solution analysis, campaign materials are prepared, and CRM access is laid out.
      3. Database Building – The designated database specialist compiles the campaign contact list and submits it for approval.
      4. Campaign Execution – The campaign proper can begin within five days following approval of the contact list.
      5. Follow-up Period – Promising prospects are followed up and reengaged through live conversations and/or email messages.
      6. CRM Report –Report, evaluate and discuss results of campaign; appointment results and email follow up via CRM results
      7. Post-Campaign Feedback and Discussion – A thorough rundown of the campaign results are presented and discussed.


Axcelerar holds a distinct edge over most lead generation and appointment setting service providers. We focus on a multi-channel, multi-touch marketing approach that combines human interaction and marketing automation. The result is an effective mix of marketing talent and technology that enables you to:

  • Reach out to the right prospects at the right time in the buying cycle.
  • Generate genuinely qualified leads and sales-ready appointments.
  • Build and nurture long-term relationship with prospects and customers.
  • Increase the likelihood of repeat business and retention.
  • Deploy marketing and sales resources where they’re needed the most.
  • Get a higher return on every marketing dollar you spend.


Axcelerar has in-depth marketing expertise in complex-sale B2B products and services. In particular, we specialize in the following industries:

    • SaaS

Cloud Computing and SaaS Trends – Larger IT Systems Upgrades – B2B Recovery – Paradigm Shifts in Software – Software-Defined Data Centers – Business Services Capex Spending

    • Finance

Risk Management, Accounting, Payroll Service, Tax Consultation and Preparation, Insurance services, and Debt Collection services

    • Health

Health Insurance, Federal Compliance consultant, Insurances Service, Life Insurance and Health Consultation Agency

    • Advertising

Traditional Advertising, Web Ad, Social media Ad, Campaign Ad, Software Ad, Video advertisement, email advertisement, Paper and Printing Ad

    • Telecommunications

Computer Networking, Internet service and Providers, wireless network WLAN, LAN, Radio network, and TV channeling services,

    • O.S.

Point-of-Sale Lead Generation, Credit Card Processing Leads, Cash Register Leads

    • IT and Software

Software development, mobile apps, web hosting, IT consultation, Content and Document Management Software, VOIP/IP Telephony and Hardware Installation