Fatal Mistakes in Email Marketing

7 Fatal Mistakes in Email Marketing Subject Lines

Shouldn’t pass judgment on a book by its cover, however tragically, that is the way prospects evaluate your deals emails. In this present reality where individuals send and get 215 messages a day, also every one of the writings, texts, and Snapchats, there’s no commonsense approach to deal with your inbox other than filtering titles for things that appear to be essential (or not).

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Detailed Reporting in Marketing

Why Detailed Reporting in Marketing is Important?

Detailed reporting in marketing will enable you to know which campaigns are performing — and which are not. The data at your fingertips decide which programs to pull the plug on, and which deserve more of your time and money. With detailed reporting on your sales funnel, you’ll always know where your prospects are in the sales cycle and where they’re getting stuck, giving you the information you need to optimize your sales funnel. This will keep your pipeline functioning as smoothly as possible. The following tips will enable you to utilize your detailed reporting in marketing. Read more

The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

Remember when B2B marketing is all but a sort of tips and tricks from any resources and experience. Well, in Axcelerar, we have come up for a concise and better list of rules when it comes to B2B marketing for everyone to browse and feel free to accommodate the information.

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10 Characteristics for Content Marketer to Master1

10 Characteristics for Content Marketer to Master [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard of a “growth hacker” in past –someone who uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to help their products or services gain exposure for lead generation, sales campaign, lead nurturing and increase sales drive. The methods behind growth hacking are a little bit scrappy, and they’re totally focused on end results in order to build advance marketing set-up.

So what’s a content growth hacker, then?

A content hacker, according to the folks at CoSchedule, combines their content marketing skills with the growth hacking mindset.

Content hacking is helpful if you want to increase your blog traffic, grow your subscriber base, see your posts get shared more on social media, and so on. To dig into what content hacking is in more depth, Check out the infographic below from CoSchedule to dig into what content hacking is, along with a few, helpful content hacks to get you started.

10 Characteristics for Content Marketer to Master

B2C Marketing Tactics That Drives Your Sales Fast

B2B Marketing: B2C Marketing Tactics That Drives Your Sales Fast

As B2B marketers, it’s not easy to create memorable brands with sometimes less-than-memorable products.

Moreover, we must balance this goal with the constant need to fuel sales reps with high-quality leads. These competing priorities can be hard to manage for any marketing executive.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Emails to Increase Sales Drive

7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Emails to Increase Sales Drive

Does your copy also have to be concise? Yes. Does it have to be clear? Absolutely. Brevity and clarity will ensure that your message is digestible, which is important if you want your words to be read and understood with ease. That said, the clearest, most concise copy ever written is still a bust if it doesn’t compel its readers to act in lead generation. Read more

real price of sending Bad B2B email

What is the real price of sending Bad B2B email in B2B marketing?

Behavioral personalization is on a very basic level moving the scene of customer communication. It’s giving marketers a phenomenal level of control over the levers that drive The Big 4: customer procurement, engagement, maintenance, and adaptation.

One of the greatest recipients of this new innovation is B2B email marketing. It’s not phenomenal to see contextual investigations reporting transformative results like100-150% expansions in snap through, 10-20% reductions in stir, and 2X or 3X increments in normal income per customer. Read more