Founded in early 2000s. Axcelerar is leading in digital B2B marketing, software and solutions. Our company was built with passion and talent in promoting business starters across different client. We delight our clients with savvy technology that helps them deliver sales much faster than traditional marketing.

Axcelerar provides provide well-trained and professional telemarketing agents, equipped with product knowledge, call handling skills and professionalism in setting appointment towards our business prospects.
Axcelerar’s technology runs organic and updated database management team in assessing the target market within strict range of time.


Axcelerar’s vision is deeply rooted in the idea of business acquisitions and partnerships and the role of business-to-business marketing in the modern world. Our views in marketing has changed over the last decade, which led us to promote new ways to narrow down the sales production of many companies. We are dedicated to give world class service in driving sales faster than ever before. Help your business increase brand awareness through different media platforms. Close deals and retain good clients that will help your business expand.


Axcelerar does not only provide world class technology and software but also top-tier personnel that will drive sales and business clients. Our personnel are:

  • ISR or Inside Sales Representative –performs outbound sale campaign based on the targeted parameters
  • Account Manager –manage, execute, and evaluate sub-personnel and ensure target close-sale and appointment setting
  • Database Specialist –analyze critical data such, customer contact, job title, company, and match client’s target parameters. Keeps database up to date
  • QA or Quality Analyst –evaluate commenced calls to ensure the validity of lead generation, appointment setting and close-sale interaction
  • Email Marketer –sends follow up emails for appointment setting and close-sale interaction. Continuously blasts emails for campaign ads for targeted prospects
  • Social Media Marketers -creates website traffic or attention through social media sites and prospects via Social media channel and networking sites


Axcelerar’s method start from obtaining business contacts, secure information, verify lead accuracy, create interactive CRM, formulate effective campaign materials, script, real-time reports and feedback from clients.

  1. Product Analysis –Inside Sale Reps will analyze the sign-up process, payment option , discuss campaign objectives and specifications and introduce the Account Manager and the team
  2. CRM Creation –After product analysis. Call scripts are generated and email templates are drafted, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) are setup
  3. Database Creation –Data Specialist collects contacts and email information compiled together according to your parameters. Contact lists are sent for approval then campaign will follow up
  4. Sales Campaign –After database approval, prospecting and appointment setting can start as early as 5 days.
  5. Email Follow Up –Following up the campaign, intro blast will be scheduled and arranged for a follow up mail-out after two weeks.
  6. CRM Report –Report, evaluate and discuss results of campaign; appointment results and email follow up via CRM results
  7. Feedback and Troubleshooting


Our company uses multi-channel and media coverage through outbound voice telemarketing, email blasting, social media forums and pages, website design and mobile application.

  • Telemarketing

Voice campaign, appointment setting and prospecting of clients. With a maximum of 150 calls per pay and a total of 3300 calls per month.

  • Email marketing

HTML Email Template (EDM) creation compatible with all major email clients. Intro and Follow up Email Blasts. Ongoing mail-outs for Requests for Info. Response and database management

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing. Prospecting via Social Media/ Networking Sites such LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

  • Mobile Marketing

Part of Online Marketing Solution which develops mobile application for prospecting and online marketing.

  • Website

Developing lead generation website to promote business venture


Axcelerar supports the following industry in lead generation. Find your target prospect base from your parameters on the following industry. Define it, we have it.

  • SaaS

Cloud Computing and SaaS Trends – Larger IT Systems Upgrades – B2B Recovery – Paradigm Shifts in Software – Software-Defined Data Centers – Business Services Capex Spending

  • Finance

Risk Management, Accounting, Payroll Service, Tax Consultation and Preparation, Insurance services, and Debt Collection services

  • Health

Health Insurance, Federal Compliance consultant, Insurances Service, Life Insurance and Health Consultation Agency

  • Advertising

Traditional Advertising, Web Ad, Social media Ad, Campaign Ad, Software Ad, Video advertisement, email advertisement, Paper and Printing Ad

  • Telecommunications

Computer Networking, Internet service and Providers, wireless network WLAN, LAN, Radio network, and TV channeling services,

  • O.S.

Point-of-Sale Lead Generation, Credit Card Processing Leads, Cash Register Leads

  • IT and Software

Software development, mobile apps, web hosting, IT consultation, Content and Document Management Software, VOIP/IP Telephony and Hardware Installation