Why Detailed Reporting in Marketing is Important?

Detailed reporting in marketing will enable you to know which campaigns are performing — and which are not. The data at your fingertips decide which programs to pull the plug on, and which deserve more of your time and money. With detailed reporting on your sales funnel, you’ll always know where your prospects are in the sales cycle and where they’re getting stuck, giving you the information you need to optimize your sales funnel. This will keep your pipeline functioning as smoothly as possible. The following tips will enable you to utilize your detailed reporting in marketing.Detailed Reporting in Marketing

Start Reporting

Not only can marketing automation help marketers and sales reps report on what they’re doing well, it can also pinpoint areas of improvement, like where prospects are getting stuck in the funnel or where conversion rates might be suffering. With reports to help diagnose sales funnel health and provide insight into each stage of the sales funnel, your marketing and sales teams have the tools at their disposal to optimize the pace of the sales cycle and focus their time where they need to.

Use sales funnel reports to diagnose the health of your sales pipeline

Sales Funnel reports, which combine all of your marketing and sales reports into one dashboard, can help diagnose the health of your sales funnel, give you a glimpse into detailed opportunity data, and show where your prospects are in the sales cycle— including areas where prospects are stalling and areas where they are moving at an optimum pace. Metrics collected by the sales funnel report include net new prospects, new opportunities, won opportunities, and percentage change over time. Having this detailed insight, along with data like the average amount of time spent in each stage and the total revenue of all won opportunities, gives sales reps the information they need to manage their time and ensure maximum speed through the pipeline.

Report on campaigns, too

To really be able to accelerate your pipeline, you should be reporting on more than just your sales funnel. You should also be looking at your marketing campaigns, drip programs, conversion rates — anything that can give you a glimpse into all of the various touchpoints you have with prospects. Use these reporting features to look at patterns and trends, regularly revisit and reassess your scoring and grading models to make sure your lead qualification process is running as smoothly as possible, and evaluate your conversion rates to see where you might be losing potential new leads. With marketing automation, you can gain insight into all of the stages of the buyer’s journey, from before a lead enters the sales cycle to closed deals and beyond.

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