The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

Remember when B2B marketing is all but a sort of tips and tricks from any resources and experience. Well, in Axcelerar, we have come up for a concise and better list of rules when it comes to B2B marketing for everyone to browse and feel free to accommodate the information.

These ten marketing commandments will sure guide you through your marketing enlightenment

I Keep your message simple

You only have a few seconds to grab your prospects’ attention — do it with a simple, powerful message that clearly states what you’re selling and the benefits.

II Include a clear call to action

Lay out exactly what you want the recipients to do – do you want them to call you, visit your website or send you an email? Design the message to make that action clear and easy to follow

III Motivate with a clear and compelling offer

Offers come in all shapes and sizes – a discount, a free trial, free items…you name it. You want your prospects to say, “I need to have that!” when reading your offer.

IV Know your customers

Research the demographics of your current customers and develop a targeted list based on those characteristics. And don’t forget — update your list regularly

V Repetition is crucial

The more your prospects see your message, the more likely they are to buy. Also, by broadcasting your message across multiple mediums, you’ll increase your chances of piquing their interest. For example, follow up your initial mailing with a phone call, email or text message.

VI Know your audience

Know your target market and don’t allow yourself to stray off course. If your target audience is wrong, even the best email will end up being deleted. Research the demographics of your current customers and develop a targeted list based on those characteristics.

VII Give your email a strong “subject” line

The content of your “subject” line will drive prospects to open your email, delete it, ignore it, file it, report it or filter it as spam. Also, a poorly written “subject” line may not even reach your prospect’s inbox.

VIII Ask for permission

The fastest way to get in trouble is by sending emails to people who haven’t asked for them. Only send emails to those who have opted-in and want to receive your emails.

IX Provide a way to unsubscribe

People must have a quick way to remove themselves from your email list. And don’t forget to exclude from your list those recipients who unsubscribed.

X Test, test, and test some more

Many variables can affect the response to an email campaign – the list, the offer, the price, etc. Test a variety of subject lines. See which one is not only getting opened, but also generating revenue. Test different graphics, colors, and copy. And track your results – not just opens and click-through, but also conversions, unsubscribes and bounces.

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