B2B Prospecting 101

B2B Prospecting 101: When Prospect Go Dark

As an inside sales rep, you have numerous sales conversations within a day. Several of those conversations end after the first or second call as your prospect is not qualified.

Same as receiving this kind of email from a prospect?


How do you reply? Your quarter is going to end in two weeks, and your prospect just provided you the Heisman. If you were backing on this deal coming in, this means you won’t hit your number.

In order to unravel this issue, you need to understand the main cause.

When your prospect says they are too full to deal with your product/service right now, what they mean is they have several other projects placed ahead of yours on their priority list that demand their attention further.

For you to correct this situation, you have to work out how to have your issue rise to the top.

This can be done by helping the prospect quantify how much the issue you solve is costing their business. This usually wonders to raise the profile of your project in the prospect’s organization.

However, many times there is no way to stop this situation from occurring. Things happen. Maybe they just had a senior associate from their team resign unexpectedly. Maybe they just lost their major client. Maybe they have family issues that they are dealing with. These are the things that you can’t prevent.

So now what do you?

Give them exactly what they asked for. Give them space. Respect their request. But don’t go silent.

Over the next month, you have the ability to demonstrate that you are not a pushy salesperson who needs them to close, all while providing value.

Jeer into your marketing team’s content library to find the best guides, infographics, or thought leadership articles that your marketing team has created, and share those with your prospect. Send an email like the following:


Sharing content like this is an opportunity to stay top of mind, and remind the prospect why they want to re-engage with you when they’re ready to restart the process.

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