Why Should You Brief Your Telemarketers Before and After Campaigns

All too often, telemarketing is referred to as ‘Cold Calling’ and callers are perceived as fast talkers that can sell ice to an Eskimo. The reality is that good quality telemarketing is much more than that.

Telemarketers need to understand the company’s products and services and the genuine customer benefits as opposed to a list of their features.

Brief Your Telemarketers Before and After Campaigns

Customers generally don’t want to know that a product comes with rounded edges. However, they may want to know that a product with rounded edges reduces risk of injury and / or damage if the prospect is a care home, hospital, psychiatric unit or playgroup.

As suggested, knowledge of the marketplace and buyer challenges is also important.

If the goal is to make face to face appointments, consider the following questions before you make the call:

  • Why should a prospect see you?
  • Why they should see you now as opposed to some distant time in the future?
  • What are their likely needs / pains that you can help with or alleviate?

A written and verbal brief for each calling campaign is good practice along with a strong call structure or script. The call structure should include details about likely objections (and answers for these) and industry buzz words if the caller doesn’t already know them. It’s important to sound competent and knowing the correct acronyms and terms (without overdoing it) is part of this process.

Finally, make sure the field sales team work with the telemarketers and brief them on the outcome of appointments so that the loop is closed.

It is about continuous improvement to refine the campaign for best results. That is a joint responsibility. If the sales team finds that a vital bit of information is missing from a face to face appointment that the caller has set up, they need to advise the caller to ask questions in future to gather that detail. Keeping the callers in the dark about the quality of a meeting is hardly likely to improve ratios.

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