B2B Marketing: B2C Marketing Tactics That Drives Your Sales Fast

As B2B marketers, it’s not easy to create memorable brands with sometimes less-than-memorable products.

Moreover, we must balance this goal with the constant need to fuel sales reps with high-quality leads. These competing priorities can be hard to manage for any marketing executive.

However, by appropriating some B2C marketing techniques, we can more efficiently accomplish these two goals to increase sales drive.

B2C Marketing Tactics That Drives Your Sales Fast

Below are five technical ideas that all B2B marketers should steal from the B2C marketing playbook. These tactics will help you build your brand, engage your prospects, shorten sales cycles, and deliver higher quality leads to your sales team to increase sales drive.


B2C marketers are best at providing consumers with every bit of product information they could want or need to increase sales drive. Think about the way Amazon.com markets their products online: They provide consumers with granular product information, pictures, customer reviews, and ratings.

This is something that B2B marketers could do better. We should be constantly increasing the amount of product information that we have on our websites. This will allow consumers to deeply self-educate before engaging with sales. The result will be more qualified and better educated prospects that your marketing team delivers to sales and increase sales drive.

Publish Your Prices

In almost all B2C environments (websites, landing pages, blogs etc.), marketers are clearly publishing their product or service prices to increase sales drive. This tactic should be applied in B2B environments as well. This pricing transparency will allow customers to self-select your product, or conversely opt-out if your prices are not within their current budget constraints.

Streamline Your Buying Process

B2C consumers are excellent at creating a simplistic and user-friendly buying process. As B2B marketers, we definitely need to learn from this. If possible, do your best to simplify your purchase process by eliminating all extraneous barriers to increase sales drive.

An example of how this could work: have sales reps email PayPal or Shopify links to prospects that would like to purchase your product or service. Think about your end customers’ purchase experiences and start simplifying it wherever you can.

Connect on a Human Level

B2C marketers are great at creating human connections with prospects. Take Apple, for example. Apple is excellent at making a human connection between its products and its prospects in increase sales drive.

Connecting on the human level can be difficult for many B2B marketers as our products are geared at lowering transaction costs, streamlining inefficiencies and increasing employee productivity to increase sales drive. However, by focusing on the benefits of your products instead of the functionality that it delivers you can tap into the human element in your marketing.

As inbound marketers we are constantly trying to attract prospects and increase sales drive, educate them through the stages of sales funnel, and transition them to customers. However, for some of us, the old marketing tactics are still standing in the way. By getting rid of old B2B practices like: limiting the amount of information available, not publishing prices, and using antiquated & difficult purchasing processes we can enhance our prospects experience with our company. So steal these B2C tactics and watch your prospect engagement take off!

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