Michael Bloomberg might run the US Elections but Optimizing Website and Social strategies in B2B prospecting is where should you go

Michael Bloomberg told The Financial Times on Monday that he was “looking at all the options” when it comes to a bid.

The billionaire businessman said he found the current campaign to be “an insult to the voters.” Why is this so? Maybe because he find it really annoying for some candidates to run around without actually hitting the real edge of their campaign. Same with Michael Bloomberg, social marketing can ran anywhere but your website must be running on its real goal –to drive traffic.

Michael Bloomberg might run the US Elections

Web traffic is a critical metric in any social media ROI—as a matter of fact, Super Bowl ads this year were estimated to each cost $5 million to broadcast in social media that drives nearly a third of all traffic to their websites—and when all signs indicate there is a rising trend. Thus, social traffic is something that any B2B marketers need to get right and for some business, Michael Bloomberg might want to implement such.

After implementing the social media campaign, you have a website that’s connected in every way to your social persona’s account—your B2B leads won’t miss it if they tried. The results on social media posts are specifically engineered to drive leads to your website. Now, it’s time to optimize on both parties.

To start, you have to revisit your website to make sure it’s doing its work in converting B2B prospects into interested, qualified B2B leads and then B2B partners. Using the website analytics, add your highest-performing content posts and highest traffic webpages for indications on which content comes out on top, and focus future creation efforts on making more of the same type of illustration. In addition, it’s always smart to do A/B testing on your web copy, specific elements of your landing pages, and other elements of your site to make sure every detail is as efficient as a conversion-driver should be.

When it comes to evaluating social media ROI, there are three metrics to take care of:

  • Social traffic.

“I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters,” Bloomberg told the Financial Times in an interview, adding that the U.S. public deserved “a lot better.”

This is plain and simple as which the billionaire Bloomberg wanted to emphasize. Your social traffic numbers will tell you which social posts are driving the most traffic to your website, and how much.

  • Click-through rate or CTR. This metric tells you which and what posts hover the most clicks. Are some underperforming, contrary to your expectations? It might be worth tuning your headline text, adding some engaging image, or changing other elements to poke your followers’ interest.
  • Conversions. Bloomberg has given himself very early March deadline for diving into the race, and after commissioning a poll in December to see how he would par against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Republican and Democratic front-runners. This is how a good runner or in this case marketer knows how much a B2B lead is worth to them. By tracking conversions from social, B2B marketers can identify how many leads, and how much money, social media marketing is generating.

A highly effective social media analytics tool can be your perfect companion in evaluating the impact of your social media initiatives on any web traffic.


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