Sales negotiation at its best in B2B Marketing

Sales negotiation at its best in B2B Marketing

Knowing the art of persuasion is the secret of any sales representative. In any occasion, they can make a prospect say yes after yes after yes. This is their role as a sales educator. But when it comes to signing the contract, the sales representative should always be present because objection may rise even though it is at the end of the sales funnel.

The prospect immediately said.

“I want a different plan of service, what can you do?”

You will be surprised when they say this and all along you are expecting them to sign the service but then again, the turnover is really unexpected. So how should a sales negotiation on this because all your weapon must have been used along the sales process. The key is this following strategies that I am going to share to you.

No contract until we meet the ends

In B2B marketing, contract is a tentative form of paper. It change due to negotiation from different business makers can agree or disagree. So in this matter, don’t make a full contract until both sides have agreed verbally.

Negotiate with the decision maker

According to John Holland, a marketing experts, many salespeople make the mistake of negotiating with the wrong person. The tip is obvious but it can affect the seller because a true decision maker will squeeze out the contract down to the details to ensure their profits.

Get something in return

Healthy salesperson-customer relationships are borne out of mutual respect and trust. This means that salespeople shouldn’t accept every single one of a prospect’s demands without making some requests of their own. This will nail down the groundwork for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Negotiate beyond Profit

Commonly, the negotiation in the aspect of a sales deal is the price, so salespeople should be prepared to talk discounts. This means more than money, a salespeople should give value to the prospect and as always.

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