Why waste time in Cold Calling when you can have Inside Sales Rep

The National Do Not Call Registry has opened up on June 27, 2003 to cater signups for it is intended to give U.S. consumers an opportunity to limit the telemarketing calls they receive. After four days, their list was overwhelmingly inflated to 10 million members and strong.

This is a serious indication that people don’t and never want any unsolicited calls.

waste time in Cold Calling

Let’s move on 12 year later. The telemarketing is still very much problematic in the ears of the government and consumers. The Federal Trade Commission who manage the registry department, has received 3.2 million telemarketing-related complaints filed in the year 2014.

Calling existing and real live prospective customers in an attempt to upsell or convert them into a paying customers is the core practice of telemarketing. This practice covers from cold-calling lists of contacts to –

Hold on a second….

Someone who calls a prospect in their home or residence of business to sell them product or service? Sounds like the definition of an inside sales?

Often than not, inside sales and telemarketing might appear to be the same group of people. But looking at the high ends of action for both people can make us see that the two were quite a different from each other.

Inside sales by the very definition is the backbone agent of the company. They are reliable, knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to product content. They don’t let their manager handle the questions of the customer because they can do it themselves. Inside sales are inclined with customer service and they do not let customer hang by a thread because they can’t answer them. Lastly, inside sales will usually involve initial phone work to book sales calls at the potential buyer’s location to attempt to close the deal in person. Some companies have an inside sales department that works with outside representatives and book their appointments for them. Inside sales sometimes refers to upselling to existing customers.

Telemarketing on the other hand are people who solicits but not help the customer with further queries because they simply can’t answer it.

Having an inside sales is awesome because they serve as an extension to your brand.

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