5 Things to Consider before Sending Cold Emails

B2B marketer sends more than hundreds of emails in a week. It was a typical hit-send-button for them and they don’t know whether those emails are successfully read by their prospects (they don’t even know the prospects personally). So why bother?

This action is called cold outreaching. Be it better or worse, it has its own purpose.

5 Things to Consider before Sending Cold Emails

This is needed in any marketing campaigns. Massive numbers always beat the best. So for business, they should send few cold emails. But most business are afraid to be seen as spammy with their email messages. How do we do it and get some good results?

In this line, we have identified five things that any cold outreach email possesses and experts would agree with each one. Let us see them below.

Be Relevant

Always put your thought that can be related to your recipient –business person. Be relevant with your subject. You can mention an article they wrote, a recent social media topic or a project they had just launched.

Be on Time

It is not enough just to be relevant. Consider the timing of your email and your message. Pitch the message with the right time like the time they are working with a new case study. If you can tie your email with their timeline, they will take it more seriously.

Be Creative

You are competing with a lot of emails, with that reason, you should be creative. You can reach them via mobile or web of which type of device they use. It is your prerogative anyway.

Be Credible

You are engaging with the C-suites. You should always be credible and compelling when it comes to presenting your brand that you have been working with.


Does not mean you saw or heard about personalization, and that is something anyone can do. Take it seriously by studying the appropriate personalization from your key prospects.

There is a slim chance for this five to be included in every email sent out you have.

No matter what, you should keep this five things as a reminder and you can find many opportunities with it. You will soon realize the improvement to your cold outreach emails and results.

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