The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

The Ten Commandments in B2B Marketing

Remember when B2B marketing is all but a sort of tips and tricks from any resources and experience. Well, in Axcelerar, we have come up for a concise and better list of rules when it comes to B2B marketing for everyone to browse and feel free to accommodate the information.

These ten marketing commandments will sure guide you through your marketing enlightenment Read more

How to Attract Prospects by Creating Attractive Marketing Content

How to Attract Prospects by Creating Attractive Marketing Content

Utilizing a contact database for marketing purposes would all be for nothing if you had no way of attracting your business contacts within it to your table. As such, finding ways to perform better inbound marketing is of the essence. As marketers, we all know that the best quality leads come from inbound marketing. After all, an inbound marketing lead means that the prospect is looking around the market for products and services within your industry, and they have chosen your company as a potential business partner. Their interest is already there, all you need to do is close the deal. Read more

real price of sending Bad B2B email

What is the real price of sending Bad B2B email in B2B marketing?

Behavioral personalization is on a very basic level moving the scene of customer communication. It’s giving marketers a phenomenal level of control over the levers that drive The Big 4: customer procurement, engagement, maintenance, and adaptation.

One of the greatest recipients of this new innovation is B2B email marketing. It’s not phenomenal to see contextual investigations reporting transformative results like100-150% expansions in snap through, 10-20% reductions in stir, and 2X or 3X increments in normal income per customer. Read more

Sales and Marketing Email

3 Things you may want to check in your B2B Sales and Marketing Email

Sales and Marketing email isn’t that difficult in B2B marketing. A gullible B2B prospects, for all goal and intuition, is truly an engaged B2B prospect — and that is exactly what B2B people want. After all, engaged B2B prospects are more likely to read your sales and marketing message, which makes them more likely to reach a call-to-action.

Are you ready to edit your copy like a pro? Here’s what you gonna do… Read more

Michael Bloomberg might run the US Elections

Michael Bloomberg might run the US Elections but Optimizing Website and Social strategies in B2B prospecting is where should you go

Michael Bloomberg told The Financial Times on Monday that he was “looking at all the options” when it comes to a bid.

The billionaire businessman said he found the current campaign to be “an insult to the voters.” Why is this so? Maybe because he find it really annoying for some candidates to run around without actually hitting the real edge of their campaign. Same with Michael Bloomberg, social marketing can ran anywhere but your website must be running on its real goal –to drive traffic. Read more

waste time in Cold Calling

Why waste time in Cold Calling when you can have Inside Sales Rep

The National Do Not Call Registry has opened up on June 27, 2003 to cater signups for it is intended to give U.S. consumers an opportunity to limit the telemarketing calls they receive. After four days, their list was overwhelmingly inflated to 10 million members and strong.

This is a serious indication that people don’t and never want any unsolicited calls. Read more